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so. about me. this will change often, so check back..

i have been wholeheartedly in this business since 1997, when a professor of mine (who is also an accomplished fashion photographer), saw that i was putting a lot more into the class than your average photo student (or at least liked SOMEthing i was doing) and had me assist him. well, that was all it took. i knew this is what i wanted to do and have never questioned it. it's been a bumpy ride sometimes, mostly due to my lack of self-promotion abilities, but (by the grace of God) here i am.

during my assisting days (which still happen every once in a while) i learned more than i ever did in my classes. i became comfortable around any kind of photo equipment you can name. from spedotron to profoto, hasselblad to mamiya. i assisted fashion, food, architecture, product, and lifestyle shooters, who shot everything from 35mm to 4X5. i worked really hard and had some real fun and learned an incredible amount about photography through assisting.

in december of 1999, i graduated the university of texas at arlington with a BFA degree. i minored in english, although you could never tell it from this page. in april of 2000 i moved to austin, and shot high end portraits down there for a couple of years. when the studio down there made huge cutbacks, i was the last hired and first fired. so, i moved back up to dallas, assisted and was a 2nd shooter for a few people who mostly shot for jc penney. in the next few years, i shot sports, racing, weddings, portraits, food, some fashion and some fine art landscape stuff. had a lot of fun, got some great stuff for it.. but something was lacking.. i needed to shoot some fashion, for a major client. in 2005, i got the chance to shoot some freelance for dillards.. and they hired me full time. we had to fly this new studio "under the radar" as it were, so i tore down walls, ripped up carpet and painted all myself. (i have photos) my bosses (i had one, then no boss, then another) and i built a pretty kickass little studio (and cranked some great work out of there) from the ground up. that's a great feeling to get in on the very beginning of something like that and see where you are in 4 or 5 years. but alas, corporate restructuring has no mercy, so all the equipment went to headquarters and they now shoot tiny images that go on the web with it.

that brings us up to the present day. i have an extensive portfolio, if you are looking for something, chances are i have shot it or something similar. so contact me, and i can send you examples of whatever you are looking for.

thanks for reading.

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